Brain Stimulation Helps Children with Learning Difficulties

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Brain stimulation has previously been used to enhance mathematical learning in adults. A new study from Oxford and Cambrige Universities are looking into how brain stimulation can also improve performance of children with math related learning difficulties. 

The study utlized transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS), which was applied in 9 20-minute sessions over a course of 5 weeks. While recieving the stimulation, children played a numerical training game to stimulate the area of the brain associated with mathmatical performance. The study found that the learning of the child was improved when they recieved stimulation. 

"Learning difficulties are usually treated by behavioural interventions, but these have shown little efficacy, especially in brains with neural atypicalities. Our research suggests that children with learning difficulties might benefit from combining their learning with tRNS, which has been suggested to improve learning and alter brain functions in healthy adults." - Professor Roi Cohen Kadosh from Oxford University. 

More studies need to be conducted in order to understand the potental for tRNS to improve learning and cognitiion for children with learning difficulties. To learn more about this study, click here

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