A Message to Our Patients Regarding Hurricane Harvey

To Our Patients,

In the aftermath of this unprecedented tragedy here in Houston and around Southeast Texas, our hearts are heavy as we watch the destruction of Hurricane Harvey unfold. The devastation is both material and emotional. But after every storm, the sun peeks through the clouds and a rainbow emerges. The rainbow's beauty, energy, and light do not wipe away the wreckage left in the storm's wake; and dark clouds certainly may linger, but the rainbow brings hope for a brighter future. We have seen so many rainbows here in Houston long before the seemingly neverending rains stopped. The courageous, compassionate people of Houston have been a beacon of light rescuing and guiding those who are suffering such tremendous losses. 

The Tarnow Center team wants each and every one of you to know that we are here to support you and our community as we recover together. There will be many challenges ahead in the coming days, weeks, and months. We know it won't always be easy, but Houstonians are strong and we can help bolster your strength if it wavers.

We hope that you and your families are safe and dry. While our building was closed last week due to the flooding, we are now open and opperational and continue to look for ways to meet your immediate needs. Please reach out via phone or email if you need to be in contact with one of us and we will find a way to assist you. We continue to volunteer our services as mental health providers and we encourage you to do the same. Helping others is healing; and we all need to heal from this brutal storm.


The Tarnow Center Team

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