Social Skills Groups

Social skills aren’t taught in school, although they should be. Learning how to communicate and interact with others is essential for effective self-management. Our social skills groups are available for elementary school, middle school, and high school. Each group aims to develop age-appropriate skills. For example, our younger groups may work on sharing and turn-taking, while our older groups focus on relationships and empathy. Each of our social skills groups includes Parent Only groups every 6 weeks, for parents and clinicians to share thoughts and feedback.

Groups currently running in the Galleria Location:

Early Elementary Boys - Lynn Ayres, M.Ed. on Wednesdays

Late Elementary - Melissa Gonzalez, Ph.D./Lynn Ayres, M.Ed. on Mondays and W.Walker Peacock, Psy.D. and Lynn Ayres, M.Ed. on Thursdays

Oppositional Boys Group - Ages 5-7 - Caitlin Bailey, M.Ed., LPC FLYER

Oppositional Boys Group - Ages 8-10 - Caitlin Bailey, M.Ed., LPC FLYER

5th Grade Boys - Lynn Ayres, M.Ed. on Wednesdays

Middle School Girls - Melissa Gonzalez, Ph.D. on Wednesdays

Middle School Boys - W.Walker Peacock, Psy.D. on Wednesdays and Thursdays

High School Boys - W. Walker Peacock, Psy.D. on Mondays and Wednesdays

Social Learning Group for Older Adolescents - Sophia K. Havasy, Ph.D. Mondays

College Readiness Group-High School - Sophia K. Havasy, Ph.D. Thursdays

Young Adult Groups - Sophia K. Havasy, Ph.D. Tuesdays and Thursdays

Men's Group - Jay D. Tarnow, M.D. Mondays

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